The word face-detections means to detect the faces present with in frame The goal of face detection is to determine if there are any faces in the image or video. If multiple faces are present, each face is enclosed by a bounding box and thus we know the location of the faces. face detection track the valid face bounded by the rectangle box with in the frame..

Human faces are difficult to model as there are many variables that can change feature of faces for example facial expression, orientation, lighting conditions and partial occlusions such as sunglasses, scarf, mask etc. The result of the detection gives the face location parameters.

Face Mask Detection Method

There were two main method of face detection as mentioned below:
1.Feature based approach
2.Image based approach

We use feature based approach for face mask detection this method of finding image displacements which is easiest to understand is the feature-based approach. This finds features (image edges, corners) and tracks these as they move from frame to frame. This involves two stages. Firstly, the features are found in two or more consecutive images. The act of feature extraction, if done well, will both reduce the amount of information to be processed and also go some way towards obtaining a higher level of understanding of the scene, by its very nature of eliminating the unimportant parts. Secondly, these features are matched between the frames. In the simplest and commonest case, two frames are used and two sets of features are matched to give a single set of motion vectors.

The edges are found using a Laplacian of a Gaussian edge detector, and the image motion is found at these edges by using the brightness change constraint equation. tensor flow and keras library were used to import images, then after those imported images were trained to get desired output.




At the completion of this project we were able to track and manipulate object with in the frames, The project can be implement to detect peoples whether they were with mask or not in any pandemic like global corona virus.