Robtics Club-Purwanchal Campus


Robotics Club has a glorious history of participating in regional,national and international competitions and is continuing the same.


Robotics Club trains students of different level and background with the aim of enancing their problem solving skills, bodening their concepts on robotics and make them make robots .


Brainstorm is a platform to present new ideas with in a group of learners and experts from various backgrounds and expertise which enhances the creativity and skills of not only presenters but also the audience. 

Who are we?

Robotics Club-Purwanchal Campus is established in 17 March 2017(27th Falgun 2073).The club was inaugurated by automatic inauguration robot.The club was established with the motto “Revolution through smart work & innovation, shapes the future of the nation” .


We train you to move forward in the field of robotics and  through various trainings and conceling. We have a best in class syllabus including basics to advances robotics. Our trainers are well trained and ready to help you at any instant.

Problem Solver

You have any problem regarding robotics and automation we are here to solve your problem that is possible by us or provide you the proper councelling to tackle the same


Our Team

There are number of instructions to be followed at the time of refilling an inket cartridge. So whenever your printer ink runs dry you need to follow the below steps for inkjet cartridge refill.

Aviyan Das


Pradeep Subedi


Sakshi Chaudhary


Binilraj Adhikari


Saugat Pokhrel


Deepak Raj Pant


Sashank Pokharel