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Revolution through smart work & innovation, shapes the future of the nation


Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) as well as Robotics Club is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization that provides a platform for students and tech enthusiasts all over Nepal to promote, educate and to get more Nepali to explore the field of robotics, electronics, automation, and makers. Here we present YANTRA 8.0 mini-event,with the theme ‘The Future-Creating Robotics industry…
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is a start of series of event that is going to be conduct on TSAN Fiscal Year in association with Robotics Club and starts from 28-29 Magh, 2075. Prayog main theme is to create new ideas and new vision from existing problems in the world of engineering. The word “Prayog” means the use, which can…
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Robotics Club-Purwanchal Campus is established in 17 March 2017(27th Falgun 2073).The club was inaugurated by automatic inauguration robot.The club was established with the motto “Revolution through smart work & innovation, shapes the future of the nation” .